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Amid the Coronavirus pandemic and the fight for social justice, I am excited to do something I dreamed about growing up in rural Sussex County, Delaware- launching my own law firm. These are certainly challenging times, but I am excited to be able to chart my own course to protect and defend the rights of others, using my skills and experiences learned over two decades of practicing law. Growing up with a probation officer for a father, I have always been fascinated with the law and particularly the criminal justice system. I was fortunate enough to have an uncle who is a lawyer and a few members of my church, family who left our small town and became lawyers. I knew that becoming an attorney was possible. I was equally blessed to have a mom who owned a business for more than 20 years, so I knew owning a business was attainable. Today, I am able to attain my dream, and will work tirelessly on behalf of the firm's clients, whether charged with a crime or faced with escalating costs on their forever home, to have an opportunity to protect and secure their dreams.

In the future, this space will be used to discuss legal developments in the areas of criminal law and federal contracting and construction law.

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